Please Note: This product is for FSX and is no longer supported.


FS Academy - Air Race puts you in the pilots seat for thrilling head-to-head racing around 5 challenging and unique race courses.

Pull up in front of the Brooklyn Bridge and slalom across Miami Beach, race against the clock in the practice session to improve your pace before racing your AI controlled opponent.

Use the Nitro Injection of your Extra 300 to boost the engine around the tightest turns and manoeuvres, but don't get greedy as over-boosting can blow your engine!

Soar between the pylons striving for the lead. Hitting a pylon causes it to slowly deflate and will land you a penalty!

Races are ranked from Beginner to Expert difficulty, so you are sure to meet your match.


Be at the centre of the action at five iconic locations:
New York

Miami Beach


Long Beach


Totalling 10 missions, enter your new addicting world of speed.

The track awaits!


Get ready...

Smoke on...