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After installation, restart the sim and the missions will be in the ACTIVITIES - CUSTOM CONTENT menu.

Previously located under bush trips, Sim Update 7 has given FS Academy a new home.


Get the latest version from the in-game Content Manager or third-party store.

Updates are uploaded to all stores simultaneously, but Marketplace will lag behind.

Jetliner v1.3.1

-Fix for correct triggering of ILS Z 25R in Jetliner 06 mission.

Jetliner v1.3

-Menu UI improvements

-Flight duration figures

-Adjusted over-strict trigger for turning onto stand in Jetliner07.

-Updated VFE NEXT objectives completion logic

-Dialog adjustment in Jetliner 12.

Jetliner v1.2

-Fixes CTD at launch of Jetliner01, introduced by SU6.

-Expands location trigger during 06. Approach. This should reduce instances of the mission failing to continue during the ILS interception.

-Sets new thrust levels for missions 7 and 12, in which some users had experienced thrust control issues.


Issues After Pausing

An issue previously addressed has re-emerged with a recent update to MSFS that dealt with Live Weather.

In order for the weather to remain 'live' the simulation continues to run in the background, even whilst the game is paused.


The effect on missions is that is the mission is paused, the game clock continues to run, even causing dialog to play behind the scenes. Therefore it is easy to miss instructions and objectives if the game is paused.


Until this is again fixed by the MSFS team, please avoid pausing during a mission wherever possible and consider this to be a likely culprit if experiencing trouble such as missed instructions and lack of instructor input.

Loss of Thrust/Flap Control

If you experience the inability to control your engine thrust or flap setting (most common with Jetliner 07 and Jetliner 12) then please ensure that your ASSISTANCE settings do not have any PILOTING options enabled.

The use of these options instructs the sim to take control from the player, and so should be disabled.

The correct assistance settings will be forced in a future update.

Next Mission

At the end of a mission, click RETURN TO MAIN MENU and launch the next mission from the game menus.


The in-game logbook does not currently record flying hours during missions.

This will require a fix from the MSFS team.

Failure Behaviour

Currently the indication of a failed mission is a line of dialog, after which the aircraft will continue to fly and some further mission dialog may be played. A more distinct and clear indication of a failed mission is WIP.



To aid taxiing, visual markers will be added.


Sim Update 5 introduced a new ‘LOCK’ mode for the controls, to allow cockpit interactions easier for gamepad users.


If using a mouse, use ‘LEGACY’ mode for best compatibility with the Flight Control Unit (FCU).

This option is only available on PC and is found within the ACCESSIBILITY settings.


After launching a mission, please do not restart the flight as this currently causes the Autopilot to stop tracking the flightplan route. Quit to the main menu and relaunch from there to restart a mission.


If you are unable to achieve full control deflections to progress through the F/CTL Checks, you may need to check and adjust our controller options within MSFS. This has been noted particularly when using an XBOX controller.

It has been observed that some controllers such as XBOX Gamepads can cause interference with the Autopilot. When the Autopilot is engaged, a small residual input from your controller may still be attempting to steer the aircraft, resulting in it ‘fighting’ with the Autopilot and giving erratic or unexpected behaviour.


If you encounter this, you may need to increase the ‘Null Zone’ or use another controller such as a joystick, if available.

This is not unique to Jetliner and affects MSFS generally.


The standard navigation database should be used, as installed with MSFS by default.

Some abnormal behaviour noted when not using standard database:

  • Uncommanded DIRECT TO destination once airborne

  • Missing waypoints

  • FMGC page displays "UNTITLED" and locks up


It is hoped to expand compatibility to include Navigraph data, but this is not operational at time of Jetliner's release. For the time being, Navigraph users should use their Navigraph management software to temporarily disable the updated database whilst progressing through Jetliner.




The FBW A320 is no longer available from the Marketplace, preventing its use to the majority of users, particularly on XBOX.

Some users are experiencing issues with cockpit switches in Jetliner whilst the FBW mod is installed. If this occurs, please uninstall the FBW mod.


Check your installation

Ensure you have unzipped and put the "fsacademy-jetliner" folder in your community folder, if purchased from a store other than Marketplace or Orbx. 

For Marketplace, ensure you have restarted MSFS and looked in the Activities - CUSTOM CONTENT menu.

Mod Conflict

You may have a conflict with another mod or package.

Please move all mods out of your community folder and only have "fsacademy-jetliner" in there as a compatibility test.

You can then re-introduce mods one by one to see which is causing the issue.

Uninstalled Aircraft

After MSFS updates, aircraft may become uninstalled without your knowledge, causing them to disappear in the aircraft select screen and hiding any missions that use that aircraft.


Use the Content Manager within MSFS to reinstall the A320, should it appear to be missing from your aircraft selection menu.

Redownload Jetliner

There have been rare cases where a downloaded ZIP had become corrupted. Try to redownload from your place of purchase and try installation again.

Reinstall MSFS

Although potentially a lengthy process, there have been several reports of various mission packs being correctly installed, but not appearing in the menus. A reinstallation has been known to resolve this issue and others.


Currently only English voice and text guidance is available. 


FS Academy is a small studio which makes obtaining multiple voiceovers, subtitles and manual versions in various languages unfeasible at present, but we hope to expand localisation options in the future, but no timeframe is provided.

A transcript is not currently available, but is being considered for inclusion in future updates.


The FS Academy range is available on a wide selection of platforms. To discuss transferring a purchase from one store to another, please contact the store in question.


We are not aware of a current method where this is supported, but the stores themselves can advise you further.


Please check the above advice to see if your query has already been answered

If you still encounter technical issues, please get in touch and we will offer assistance: