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CLICK HERE to download the Jetliner manual


After installation, restart the sim and locate the missions in ACTIVITIES - CUSTOM CONTENT.

If the missions are not present, please check the following steps:



Use the in-game Content Manager to ensure that the default Asobo (non-iniBuilds) A320NEO is installed.

Note that some addon liveries can cause missions to be hidden, so please remove these liveries.


Ensure that you have restarted the sim after installation.

For marketplace customers, please ensure that the purchase and download process completed successfully, checking that payment was taken and download has completed.

For non-marketplace customers, please redownload the product to rule out a corrupted ZIP and refer to the installation instructions included inside, placing the unzipped package in your community folder.


This release is made for Flight Simulator (2020). Future availability in the upcoming FS2024 may be offered, but cannot be guaranteed. This will depend on whether we can directly port the pack across to the new sim, which we will explore when it releases.



Jetliner 01. Taxi-Out CTD when returning to menu

When leaving Lesson 01, either after completion or quitting to menu, the sim will Crash to Desktop (CTD). This only appears to occur in Lesson 01 and investigations are ongoing to find the cause. This was introduced by a past Sim Update to MSFS.

Flaps 1+F

The A320 uses configuration 1+F for the takeoff flaps setting, but MSFS now erroneously retracts the flaps at the start of a mission, leaving you with slats extended only.

This appears to be an issue with MSFS itself, as even the default Asobo takeoff lesson is also affected.

Workaround: Before takeoff, set Flaps lever to 0 then return to position 1. This will correctly reset configuration 1+F.


Jetliner v1.5.2 (or v1.6 in some stores, which is equivalent)


All stores are provided with the latest version simultaneously. Marketplace conducts internal testing and processing, taking more time for an update to become available for download.


Your currently installed version can be seen within Content Manager.

For non-marketplace customers, login to your store of choice to download the latest version.

iniBuilds A320NEO

iniBuilds are supplying a new and improved A320 for inclusion with Sim Update 14. Jetliner will not be reconfigured to use this aircraft as the modifications necessary would require an almost total rebuild of the product. Microsoft are also taking this approach and not updating their Landing Challenges etc to use the new aeroplane, which will remain available side-by-side with the new model.

Please note that this is also the case with other A320 modes available, such as the Fly By Wire or Fenix versions.



The objectives will list each required step of the missions in real time. Ensure that the objectives panel is displayed by using the in-game toolbar.




Only a basic form of scoring is currently implemented, awarding the maximum score if the mission is completed successfully. More refined scoring may be implemented in the future. The awarded score is not retained by MSFS, so will not be shown in the menus.


Use 'Legacy’ mode for best compatibility with the Flight Control Unit (FCU).

This option is only available on PC and is found within the ACCESSIBILITY settings.


When external hardware is used, some default button bindings can be conflicting and cause issues with Jetliner.

For example, a common issue is the inability to control the Taxi Light switch. This has been traced to the default control profile for hardware such as the Thrustmaster TCA quadrant or Honeycomb equipment having a button mapped to taxi light, preventing its control by mouse. Should you experience this or similar issues, please check your key bindings and remove any controls set to the problematic switch.


After launching a mission, please do not directly restart the flight as this currently causes the autopilot to stop tracking the flightplan route and can cause erratic behaviour. Quit to the main menu and relaunch from there to restart a mission.


The default MSFS navigation database should be used to avoid the following abnormal behaviours:

  • Uncommanded DIRECT TO destination once airborne

  • Missing waypoints

  • MCDU displays "UNTITLED" and is unresponsive


Navigraph users should use their Navigraph management software to temporarily disable the updated database whilst progressing through Jetliner.


Only English voice and text guidance is available, including full subtitles.

Language expansions and transcripts are not currently planned, but are considered for a future update.


Issues regarding payments, account details and failed downloads should be directed to the relevant store, who will be able to offer assistance via their customer support channels. It is understood that stores do not permit transferring of purchases to another store.

For Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace customers, please CLICK HERE for the dedicated Zendesk support system.


Please check that you have the latest version installed and refer to the advice on this page to see if your issue has already been addressed. If you still encounter issues or have another enquiry, please get in touch:


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